Wow what a weekend! Very big well done to Freddie and Aoife on their first national race, both raced well on a course that tested everyone to the max. Don’t let those blue skies deceive you the rain in the week had turned that red clay into a sticky gloopy soup, meaning large sections of the course had to be run, which was exhausting to watch let alone ride! The pits were a hive of activity with the mud so deep at the entrance to the jet wash area that the main challenge was staying upright or not losing a wellie! Freddie suffered a puncture on his last lap after a strong early race, Aoife too took it in her stride, special kudos for riding the whole race on a single bike…I don’t think many riders could have made that claim yesterday!

Orla and Lara both raced well Orla 6th U14 and Lara 9th U16.

Quick trip to Andover today for Lara and a 2nd place finish, we’re going to have to improve on the shoulder padding, after so much shouldering yesterday she’s got some pretty impressive bruises!

Sorry for the lack of photos, if anyone has any more please add them